Ke'e Beach

This beach you cannot miss! It is located at the end of the road on the north shore of Haena. It offers a stunning view of the Na Pali Coast mountains, jungle portraits, lush ocean backdrop and fine beached sand with occasional mossy rocks when the ocean tide is low. Also it is a wonderful beach to just about catch the sun setting in the ocean year round.

Tunnels Beach

Tunnels offers an incredible view of the Bali Hai Point and mountains. There is three entrance's to this beach and all offer different perspectives.. At the Ha'ena Beach Park ( last parking area for Tunnels) entrance you can walk down to the left and get some beautiful palm tree portaits and a dramatic view of Bali Hai point. Second entrance offers the full view of the mountain as shown here. Great beach to catch the sunset. Do note that certain times of the year the sun sets behide the mountain and not in the ocean.

Hanalei Bay
I prefer to meet at the pier (end of beach) and walk down to the left for about five minutes. This offers views of the Makana Mountains, boats , bay and the pier.
Pu'u Poa Beach 
Pu'u Poa is accessed at the St. Regis Resort at the end of the road in Princeville. Great view of Makana and Bali Hai mountains. This beach offers a small private beach to left besides the main beach. It also offers a nice portfolio of many different kinds of trees near the ocean. It is a stunning beach with great view!
Stone Damn Kilauea
Stunning gardens all around! Great location for proposals or other portrait sessions. No Weddings allowed. They also require to sign a waiver to enter grounds. (808) 828 2118
Papaloa Bay
Located in Wailua near Kauai Shores Resort. This beach offers He'au gardens and small beach view with mountain back drop. I usually only refer this beach for extra coverage time after photographing at Smith Tropical Gardens.
Smiths Tropical Gardens
I absolutely love to photograph here! Offers a view of Sleeping Giant mountain, ponds, bamboo, tropical flowers and many lovely trees. Walking around the gardens is filled with stunning views! It is private property and has an entrance fee of $300 for weddings. Contact: (808) 821 6895. There is beach photo's driving about five minutes away to Papaloa Bay that is a nice addition.
Point at Poipu
Great perspective to get distant shot of Shipwrecks cliff and a private ceremony. Offers many incredible views along the coast that you will just have to  see for yourself!
Shipwrecks Beach
This beach is lovely all around! I highly recommend taking the short walk on top the cliff for incredible views of Mahaulepu Mountains, full ocean view and a few other spots you will just have to wait to see!
Anini Beach
Great Beach! Fantastic views of Kilauea Lighthouse, palm trees, distant mountain backdrops and much more. A variety of different views and sceneries to choose along the end of Anini Road.
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Kauai is one of a like no other Hawaiian island. It's lush beaches are filled with incredible mountains, tropical gardens and ocean backdrops. Below I have listed some of my favorite locations across the island for you to experience what Kauai offers for your elopement or other portrait session.